Dr. Michael Cole

Dr. Michael Cole is an Arizona Licensed Chiropractor. Dr. Cole attended and graduated from Life University in Georgia. After graduation, Dr. Cole moved to Arizona and began practicing in Kearney. Several years later he moved to Phoenix and created Spine Mechanics, before taking over Arcadia Chiropractic and creating The Whiplash Clinics - all in the Lower Arcadia area. Dr. Cole then branched out into Quartzsite almost 10 years ago and has been traveling to western Arizona weekly to care for patients there. Dr. Cole has now  been practicing for 22 years and currently has offices in Phoenix, Quartzsite and Ehrenberg. 

Dr. Cole is married to his wife Jessica and they have 2 children and a Bichon Frise named Chloe. In his spare time, Dr. Cole helps his wife on their Phoenix urban farm and likes to drive his convertible in the abundant Arizona sunshine. Dr. Cole is currently planning to open a second Phoenix Whiplash Clinics location in the western area of Phoenix in the next year. Stay tuned for more information.